Reed’s other work

Reed Nelson’s Work, Elsewhere


From Well-Spent.

From Heddels.


Profile Writing/Human Interest (featured on front page of, +100,000 clicks) (1,315 words)—

Profile on Eli Holman, embattled big man for University of Detroit (1,095 words) —

Feature Writing (featured on front page of —

Deadline Writing, Basketball —

Deadline Writing: Gamer B-Story —

Deadline Writing: Athlete malfeasance (featured on the front page of, +750,000 clicks) —

From the San Francisco-Bay Guardian:

Embedded/Political Activist Profile Work (~1,500 words, made cover of SFBG’s weekly print issue) —

Pop Culture Blogging (~2,500 words):

“Hairy dilemma”; A feature on the growing issue of service dog fakery (1,621 words, ran in print, centerfold story):,0

Leland Yee —

Mulitmedia Eviction Story —

Deadline News Stories —

— More available here.

Many more are available upon request, or can be easily found at the links below:

SF-Bay Guardian – Reed Nelson
— Copywriting/Blogging for a start-up watch company: (from 1/14-4/14, also did any jokey product descriptions for MLB, MLS and oddly named watches)

— Copywriting samples available upon request.

Please email with any inquiries. (Or, if you feel like it. Either works.)

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