Kenny Shelton — Kenny is currently a senior at the University of Oregon. He has contributed to many   student groups on campus, including the ASUO and the Black Student Union. There isn’t anything Duck-associated that Kenny can’t find a relationship with (the Six Degrees of Kenny Shelton, we suppose).

 Reed Nelson — Reed graduated from the University of Utah in 2011, where he wrote for the Salt Lake Tribune and the Daily Utah Chronicle. He then came to Eugene in the summer of 2011 for graduate school. After a seven-month stint writing for FOXSportsDetroit, he’s back in the Eug.

George Artsitas — George began working at the Salt Lake Tribune in 2008, where he stayed until 2010. While he was there, he amassed hundreds of bylines, and also earned himself two internships: a summer at the Santa Cruz Sentinel and another summer at USA Today.

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    I’d like to express my desire for you to check us out and contribute some articles if you’d like. We are in the belief that the only way to help grow our blog and reach the goals we have set for ourselves is to branch to as many writers we can and get a steady stream of quality content. We currently have 19 writers that write for us on a regular basis, all college-aged, as well as take single article submissions from others that are just interested in piping off about an issue or two.

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    Thanks for taking the time to read this message and happy blogging!


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