The Pac-12 Championship Recap, in moving pictures



Oregon knocked off UCLA on Saturday evening, 78-69, to win the Pac-12 Tournament and clinch a similar title to the one that Utah robbed them of just a week earlier.

Oregon rained three’s down on UCLA, jumping out to a nine-point halftime lead. UCLA BMOC, Shabazz Muhammad, got in early foul trouble causing head coach Ben Howland to lose his shit. Carlos Emory dunked over the entire UCLA front court and Arsalan Kazemi played his traditional brand of hybrid-from-hell basketball.

It was a good night for Oregon basketball, especially the bench, which contributed 41 of the Ducks 78 points. Emory and backup PG Jonathan Loyd scored 20 and 19 points respectively (something we’ll dive into a little deeper tomorrow), and, for the first time since before the Inauguration, the Ducks look to be a good top-to-bottom basketball team.

But don’t trust us on how things went down, trust the pictures:

Act 1: Howland loses his s*%t

It began innocuously, with a couple early fouls charged to the apple of Howland’s eye, Muhammad. But then this charge was called, which happened to be Muhammad’s third personal of the game…


Which then launched this…


Which then totally escalated into this…


Talk about distance. Chairs? Those get tossed all the time. The aluminum they’re built with wouldn’t even make Bubble’s from The Wire try to salvage those things. But a Jacket? That’s anger. That’s disdain. That’s frustration. I’m not saying Howland’s rocking $7,500 custom suits, but he is the head coach of the most prestigious basketball program west of blatant, out-in-the-open racism; those suits have to be worth something. But how far did it go, ESPN?!?


No! Not, “Who did it almost hit?” How far did it go, dammit?

Pac12Champ515.2 feet? That’s it. I was expecting 20-plus. But that still leaves more than one lingering question… Where is Howland’s jacket? Does he even want it back? Does the defiant act mean anything if he immediately re-robes? And is ESPN sure that it didn’t travel 15.4 feet? Eye test says that jacket flew over 15.3, I’m just sayin’… But, again, WHERE IS THE JACKET?!!


Oh. There it is. Whew. Close one. Was there any basketball played, you ask? Why, certainly. As noted earlier, Kazemi played well…

Act 2: Oregon takes over


And so did Loyd and Emory…


And that type of hustle warrants a celebration like this…



(.gif’s by Reed Nelson)

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