DeSean Jackson is to DAT as Frost is to Helfrich

BY GEORGE ARTSITAS — It’s been a pretty ugly week for Oregon sports, with the Men’s basketball team getting absolutely pummeled by Stanford this Wednesday.

At least to the end the week, a couple of optimistic stories have popped up on the Eugene radar.

First, DeSean Jackson seems to be very excited to be playing under Chip Kelly. (Look, I really have no clue how long we’re going to talk about Chip now that he’s left. He’s gone now, but he’s still so relevant around town. It’s so vexing.) Jackson said to Jim Rome it’s a “new breed” for him with Kelly at the helm. I know, I have no clue what that means either. But Jackson has also said that Kelly has told him over the phone that he’ll be used similar to how De’Anthony Thomas was used in Oregon according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Dependent on how Helfrich treats the offense next fall, it may be the last chance to what Kelly and Thomas could’ve been this year. We’ll just have to watch it in Philadelphia in a different shade of green.
scott  frost

Also, Scott Frost is Oregon’s new Offensive coordinator. If you don’t know Frost, don’t fret. Very few do. He’s been the quarterback’s coach for the past four years under Kelly and was 1997’s Orange Bowl winning Nebraska quarterback. He was a run-and-pass style quarterback at Nebraska and will be great for the development of Mariota.

The great thing for Frost is he fills the shoes of Helfrich and Chip Kelly before him. He’s part of a great lineage. He’s set-up great to be the next head coach in the future based on history. Let’s hope he can score points as well.

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