FYI: Barner and Long Show Up To Senior Bowl

Kenjon Live

BY GEORGE ARTSITAS — Both Kenjon Barner and Kyle Long looked decent during the Senior Bowl, Saturday.

I can’t be too enthusiastic seeing as though this is simply an exhibition for mid-round quarterbacks to raise their stocks. I honestly prefer the Pro Bowl to the Senior Bowl because at least the Pro Bowl has stars, rather than a scrimmage featuring just a few recognizable names that are sprinkled in with the greater unknowns.

But the Ducks played well. Kenjon had a game high seven receptions for 53 yards and a touchdown, but racked up just 13 yards on the ground. Too many running backs, too few carries. And Kyle Long looked as good as a lineman can look in an exhibition game.

Really, other than the Barner score, the on-field homage to Phil Knight was the best part of the game. Two Ducks, two different types of helmets.

As of now, has Kyle Long going in the late second round and has Barner picked after the fourth round (not listed). Dion Jordan is currently the highest positioned Duck at 15, right in the middle of the first round.

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