Because We Care…. #boobment

oregon boobs

BY GEORGE ARTSITAS — Here at QuacktownUSA, we know what our readers want. That’s primarily because we know OUR ENTIRE readership is comprised of heterosexual males or homosexual females. We actually don’t think or even know that to be frank. We just hope for the sake of this post.

This is our post to you.

The twitter account names is @duckboobs and, yeah, it’s what you think.

The last few days, we’ve been following the #boobment movement that has taken over college campuses across the nation. It started with a little account called @KUboobs that has already amassed over 23,000 followers and now there are over 30 accounts from West Virginia (@WVUboobs) to Indiana (@IUboobs1).

In all honesty, It’s probably a creepy way for guys to get cleavage pics into their inboxes and will probably fad-out in a matter of days, but we choose to enjoy it while it lasts.

I hope you enjoy the #boobment. You’re welcome.

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