GEORGE’S PICK: Fiesta Bowl



fiesta bowl


BY George Artsitas — And finally, here we are. Boy, doesn’t this whole Fiesta Bowl thing feel like a formality.




It starts with Chip. Mr. Kelly is likely out, with three interviews in the next four days spread across the NorthEAST for NFL jobs. It’s exactly like what a politician does, spend a few years searching for a better job while you’re at your old job, turn into the Golden Goose while you’re secretly looking and turn into a local savior. We see it every four years for President. A Governor or Senator for a state runs for office for two years, we could use his help back at the home state, but since he’s moving on up and he’s our guy, we root for him anyway. It’s the same thing with Chip with a lot less Rick Santorum.


It’s so sad to look around at the fans. There’s little fan fare to this game. Bars aren’t anticipated to be overrun with fans. We’re supposed to have about a 1/4 of the fans at the stadium. I even heard someone ask, “Who are we playing,” in line at Fred Meyer the other day. That seems unthinkable in a college town. People just don’t care, and they shouldn’t with the nasty future we have coming.






And then, of course, there’s the nasty elephant in the room. Oregon will be investigated and, most likely, will be dealt some recruiting sanction in the coming years or months. We’ve all known it was coming. Nobody knows this better than the head ball coach. Why would Chip leave otherwise? (Of course, besides the fame, glory, extra few million dollars and reinventing offensive football for the forseeable future).



So we can sit here, pretend like this game makes a difference, but it’s just like we expect. Get drunk. Hope the crowd shots to Kansas St. girls don’t yield us any Shreks. Be excited by a long run only to have that emotion get stifled by the thought of “what could have been,” get more drunk, watch as those Shreks turn into Princess, watch another exciting play……repeat.


There’s really nothing exciting to say other than he fact we should be No. 3 in the country at the end of the year with a win after that dump Florida took during the Sugar Bowl. That’s a formality. It’s also worth a hill of beans and a great look at Chip’s backside while he leaves Eugene.

















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