The Pac-12 Coaching Carousel: Then the music stopped…



After a short-order fire of beleaguered coach Jeff Tedford, an awkward press conference and weeks of deliberation, the Cal Bears have themselves a new head coach. Sonny Dykes, formerly at the helm of Louisiana Tech, will be named the Cal coach on Thursday morning, according to sources.

Dykes led the Bulldogs to a 9-3 record, and commanded the scheme that generated the nation’s most potent offensive attack, but he inherits a Cal team in shambles. The Bears are coming off a 3-9 record under Tedford (just 2-7 in conference play) and, as of Wednesday, are slated to lose their most potent offensive weapon, wide receiver Keenan Allen.

Guru number two

Tedford, the artist formerly known as the Quarterback Guru, helped shape Kyle Boller into a first round draft pick back in 2002, and then he had a hand in creating the cyborg defense destroyer known as Aaron Rogers three years later when Rogers was nothing but a lightly recruited juco transfer.

After Rodgers, however, Tedford went through a litany of guys with names like Longshore, Ayoob and Maynard. All of them arrived in Berkeley with promise oozing out their ears, and left (or will leave) with nothing but an incredible education. What a scam.

Enter Dykes. Dykes was a co-architect of the Texas Tech Air-Raid attack (along with fellow TD manufacturer, WVU’s Dana Holgorsen) before he played a big part in the development of all-time Arizona QB Nick Foles (currently found on the set of some soap opera that shoots in Philly called Eagles or something).

While at Louisiana Tech, Dykes built upon the solid foundation that Derek Dooley had established, and turned the Bulldogs offense into a unit more consistently destructive than a howitzer.

And unlike Tedford, Dykes has plenty of experience outside the Pacific Northwest. Not only will he hold sway in California, but his globetrotting habits have allowed him to establish networks in Texas, Louisiana and Arizona as well.

Wh-wh-wha’ happened?!

On a slightly more dubious note, he was also in the middle of what must have been college football’s weirdest controversy in 2012. On Monday, Dyke’s team at the time, the 9-3 Louisiana Tech Bulldogs, was offered a bid to play in-state rival Louisiana-Monroe in the AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl (that name is under investigation as well, in case you were wondering).

Louisiana Tech athletic director Bruce Van De Velde told the Associated Press that, at the time, the Bulldogs had other options and wished to flesh those out. Then, after the Bulldogs missed the deadline, the Independence Bowl chose to instead go with Ohio University, leaving Louisiana Tech bowl-less for 2012.

That’s right, a 9-3 team with the nation’s best offense officially stopped practicing on Monday. And now their coach is on a plane bound for Oakland.

So much for an easy going early-week schedule.

Butch Jones to Colorado?

That sub-head pretty much takes care of the meat in this story, so allow me to fill in the potatoes portion: Butch Jones, who has has championed fairly decent programs at Ferris State and The Central Michigan University, is now being seriously considered to command an incredibly fragile program that, within the last decade, has gotten into some pretty serious trouble themselves.

Colorado, this is why you can’t have nice things.

P.S. Legalizing marijuana won’t have a positive effect on recruiting. For like 3,487 different reasons. Just thought you should know.

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