Coach K Breakdown: Oregon’s Saturday homecoming game against Colorado


Coming off of an A-State thrashing (and they called it a trap game) we have a massively under-performing and green behind-the-ears Colorado coming to Autzen for homecoming —and Halloween — weekend. In lieu of Ducks slipping in the polls and Colorado looking like a 32 ounce rib eye to devour for the sake of devouring it could get scary for the Buffs.

But would I bet the Oregon -46 spread? I’d be reluctant to. Chip is well aware of the spread and seems to dance around it like a snake charmer week after week. Oregon has only covered the spread three times this season, so again, I’d be reluctant to make that bet.

What I would bet on is our player being more than focused on the task at hand. Look for Oregon to get out early and often.
Look for Bennett to get a copious amount of snaps this week too, and why not? He demolished the Buffs last year, throwing for 156 in the air with Two TDs and 70 yards on the ground in Boulder, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect him to rekindle the emotion.
We don’t need to put anyone… cough… Mariota… cough… in harm’s way of injury this week, especially when bigger weeks lurk in the near future.

Bennett had a great game against Colorado in Boulder last season, filling in for an ailing Darron Thomas.

For some odd reason, Colorado’s defensive coordinator Greg Brown would rather play his inexperienced true freshman in the secondary instead of going with his able-bodied upperclassman (like a fellow Colony High School alum, CB Jered Bell who has a pick this season even in limited playing time). The Buffs have given up an average of 42.6 points a game this season, and a whopping 500 yards a game.

Imagine what we can do to them, already averaging over 50 points per game. Even with an injured Colt Lyerla, we’ll be able to manage with Kenjon beastin’ like he has been.

Will this win gain us any favor in the eyes of the almighty computers? Fat chance. But are we worried about the computers at the moment? No, not at this point.

All we need to be concerned about is Winning the Day and the rest will take care of itself.

Oh, and all this talk of DAT being overhyped? I think that will all be silenced in the coming weeks; I got faith in the MOMBA (Ed. Note: His spelling, not ours).

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