Oregon-Arizona State Takeaway: Trap games, Mariota, Barner, Heisman and a beatdown


Kenjon Barner breaks free on his 71-yard touchdown run.Photo: Win the Day

First things first: This was not a 22-point game. It could have been a 100-14 game if Oregon’s head coach Chip Kelly hadn’t started calling off the dogs in the second quarter.

Hey Oregon haters and ASU supporters, know who else he did that against? Arkansas State. The other ASU. Mariota took his last snap when there were still fans left in the stadium.

This turned out to be a “trap game” in the same way that your five-year-old nephew sets a “trap” by hiding behind a kitchen chair before hugging your legs. When it was still a game, when Oregon still had their starters between the lines, Arizona State put up about as much resistance as a potato chip does when facing a sneaker.

Sure, they lost star defensive lineman Will Sutton on Oregon’s second play from scrimmage, but in reality it probably just sped up the inevitable outcome. ASU might have held Oregon’s second unit scoreless in the second half (Woopie…), but that doesn’t change the fact that Oregon scored all 43 of their points in the first half. When both teams had their Best 11 on the field (save Sutton, but we’ve gone over that), Oregon outgained ASU 4,012 to 129.

Fine. It wasn’t in the thousand’s, but when the starters were on the field, Oregon rushed for nearly three times more than ASU gained total (324 to 129). Chew on that one.

Oregon’s 43-point outburst was their 20th straight game scoring 30 or more points. That’s neat. Oh, and according to Ted Miller (who was there, in the press box, so he is a good source on this issue) ESPN commentators Jesse Palmer and Rece Davis started eating burgers with over 11 minutes to play in the second quarter. Puddles did 153 pushups, Sparky did 42.

I ask again: Trap game?

This time, I’m done. Fer rellzz. Time to let the Yankees miserable ALCS sink in. I’ll be wallowing in self-pity if you need me. Nelson, OUT.

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