Around the World in 80 Words, Friday Edition: The Pac-12, MLB Playoffs and a debate


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… Pac 12 Roundup: Mike Leach endears himself to team by calling senior’s “zombie’s;” Stanford’s top wideout, Ty Montgomery, will likely miss Saturday’s GameDay-anointed showdown against the Fighting Irish; Same goes for UCLA’s top receiving threat, Darius Bell. The Wicked Witch of the Westwood confirmed

… The Orioles beat the Yankees last night in 13 innings, forcing a Game 5 and rudely cutting into The Challenge. On a positive note for Yankees’ fans, over 12,000 tickets are still available for tonight’s deciding game…

… Wait. The debate was last night? You mean the debate between Real World San Diego’s power couple, Frank and Zach, right? Right!? The Vice Presidential debate? Oh, yeah. That. That happened too. Joe Biden (D) and Paul Ryan (R) did a great job of looking less capable of being POTUS than Sarah Palin did four years ago. I’m obviously kidding. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

… The Tigers advanced to their second straight ALCS for the first time in franchise history, by blowing out the A’s last night, 6-0. Manager Jim Leyland’s head may have been placed on that metaphorical stake a bit prematurely, eh?

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