BY GEORGE ARTSITAS — I spoke with my Mom this morning about her pick for tonight’s game. She answered, then immediately started to complain about something. Anyone who has a mom can relate to this, and anyone whose ever had a single mom knows the exact feeling. You see your Mom’s name on your Caller ID, you grimace, answer, and after a couple pleasantries — boom — mom’s venting like a toilet fan after Bruce Vilanch gets up from the toilet.

As a son, it’s the least I can do to listen to her for a couple of minutes. She raised me on her own and she’s got issues she wants to air out: I’ll sit and listen.

The biggest issue with my situation is the fact that my “single-mom” mom has moved back in with my dad, making them a separated couple under the same roof. Believe me, I know, it’s crazy. People ask me how that’s going and all I can really offer is a shoulder shrug. You can’t get too excited about anything, just hope everything stays copacetic between your parents.

So, when I called my mom this morning for her pick for the game, we reached mom-venting right away. She answered the phone with, “I’m sorry… YOUR FATHER couldn’t let me up there. YOUR FATHER is just being ridiculous today.”

I think every son and/or daughter have dealt with this. It’s how you’re parents deal with mentioning each other when they’re pissed. It’s embarrassing, for sure, but it’s reassuring to know that when you become a parent, you can use “YOUR SON” whenever your kids screws up and you want to annoy you spouse. It’s a fair trade.

Anyways, after a good long venting session, I got my mom’s pick for this evening.

Granted, she knows nothing about college football. She does know that I live in Eugene and work writing about the Ducks, but she knows about as much about college football as I know about professional curling. She let’s me know she thinks Oregon will win, and when I ask why, she says, “Because I want them too.”

She knows that’s who I want to win and she’s just trying to be nice. This is why you take the venting on the chin. Mom’s complain, but they’re always supportive. Fair trade.

My pick is Oregon over Washington, 38-14. 

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