Coach K’s GameDay Checklist


Because conference play has started, freshmen are populating the dorms and tailgating is in full-swing, Kenny Shelton (Coach K) is here to provide you with your very own GameDay Checklist — covering everything you want to know about Ducks games and some things you don’t.

Coach K’s Things to know BEFORE going to home games

Prepare yourself for early games. If you’re not an experienced Weekend Warrior, leave yourself with ample sleep time Friday night to rise early to pre-game — remember, every game is a double-header: The game and the pre-game. And remember to eat a hardy meal early, or in you’re in for a long day.

Tailgating is a must!

Signs and costumes are encouraged. And applauded:

Show some compassion for your fellow (inebriated) Ducks. If someone screams “SKOOODUCKSSSS!,” don’t judge — give em a hardy “SKOOOOODUCKS” right back… the “OOOOOOOOOhhhh” is also widely accepted.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!

It’s game time, coach.

Learn the fight song. You can feel like an idiot when everyone around you smugly sings along to the jovial tune, or you can be part of the smug masses. At football games, always elect to be a part of the masses. Oh, lyrics you ask for? Check.

Oregon, our Alma Mater/We will guard thee on and on,

Let us gather ’round and cheer her/Chant her glory, Oregon!

Roar the praises of her warriors/Sing the story, Oregon

On to vict’ry urge the heroes
/Of our Mighty Oregon!

Go! Ducks! Go!
 Fight! Ducks! Fight!



Win! Ducks! Win!

Wear comfortable shoes. You will/better be standing— and yelling — all game.

Don’t drop Puddles.

And please, don’t gawk, mock, or stalk our cheerleaders. Not cool bro. P.S. Nate Costa broke this rule this year (the mock part, at least), and things don’t look so good for the former backup QB.

For the traveling Ducks: Remember Ducks always fly together, Emilio sure did. Know you’ll have support when on the road.

And always remember to keep insults for opposing fans witty and classy. No one likes an unoriginal, foul-mouthed Duck.

Stay happy, healthy and green everyone, and enjoy the Washington game. I know I will. #SKODUCKS

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