Around the World in 80 Words, Wednesday Edition


Traveling around the world in 80 words or less…

… The Cardinals clinched the NL’s second Wild Card spot last night, even after losing to the Reds. Dodger’s fans now understand what Knicks fans have been complaining about for years…

… Both the AL East and the AL West come down to tonight. The A’s beat the rangers last night, 3-1, tying up the AL West and setting up a winner-take-all situation between them and Texas. The Yankees control their own destiny; a win over the Red Sox and they win the East. A loss by the Orioles would wrap it up as well…

… ESPN’s 30 for 30 is back and feistier than ever. Last night’s Broke featured Michael Vick’s financial adviser, the founder of, Bernie Kozar, incredible news compilations, jaw-dropping neglect and Andre “Bad Moon” Rising in sunglasses for the entire film.

The most admirable thing about “Broke” (a movie that ostensibly objectifies athlete’s who have gone broke) — The amount of neutrality and fairness that went into making the movie. No punches were held, no excuses were made, but that went for both sides; the players who spent the money and the power-players who allowed it to happen. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.

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