Around the World in 80 Words, Tuesday Edition


Taking you around the world in 80 words or less…

… The Bears beat the Cowboys last night, 34-18, and Cowboys fans had themselves a “meltdown“.

… The Tigers clinched a playoff berth with their 6-3 win over the Royals. Miguel Cabrera hit his 44th home run of the season, and now has sole possession of all three Triple Crown categories.

… The NHL, unaware that the Emmy’s were last week, are still trying to win the “Stupidest Show on Television” award with their new show, “The Insanity Returns”. #rockoutwithyourlockout

Favorite Cowboy Meltdown Quote (via

Comment from Jones: “If Felix Jones, Jerry Jones, and Tommy Lee Jones were in a room, Felix would be the third fastest man.”

Duck-related Cowboy Meltdown Quote (via

Comment from FrankenCuban: “Maybe the Cowboys need to get crazy uniforms like the Oregon Ducks. It’s time for gimmicks.”

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