BY GEORGE ARTSITAS — I don’t talk to my sister nearly enough as I should. It’s not that I feel guilty about it, I speak with her on occasion and we see each other about as much as two adult siblings should. I just simply don’t get around to speaking with her as much as I should. I don’t get the weird and non-judgmental-yet-quirky conversations only siblings have nearly enough. I don’t get to have real commentary about the rest of the family’s gossip as much as I should. I don’t even call frequently enough to get job updates.

So when I called my sister this past week about what she thought about this week’s game against Washington State, I got some rather exciting news. My sister, who is a college student living in San Francisco, (don’t worry, she’s neither a Cal nor a Stanford fan), has found the best college job I could possibly think of. Fourteen dollars and hour. Around people every day. Adored by everyone who comes in contact with her. People clamor to take a picture with her. And the best part? She’s on the short list for a promotion that will land her in Florida. I can’t even say it out loud, check it out:

My sister is Cha Cha the Frog at The Rainforest Cafe. Kids run up to her all day and just give her hugs. She blows kisses, shakes hands, just hams it up like a good character should. That’s why she’s auditioning in October for the creme of the crop. The top of the barrel. DisneyWorld.

So, seeing that she’s a senior member of the mascot and animal costume academy as well as a girl, she immediately brought up the Oregon/WSU mascot matchup. She already knew who Puddles was, which is a plus, but she had to look up the Cougars mascot. Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed. She said that Oregon should win, and I said, ‘By how much?’

“Well, the Ducks is more than two times better than the cat-thing, so, two times.”

I tell her the spread is about 31 points.

“Okay, so by like that, I think Oregon wins 49-18. Nope, wait, 50-18”

I tell her it’s pretty hard to get 50 points in a football game.

“I don’t care. I think 50-18.”

Who am I to argue. I just enjoy the conversation. We already don’t do it enough.

My pick, the same as my sister’s; 50-18.

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