Around the World in 80 Words


Traveling around the world in 80 words or less:

—    Washington knocked off a Luck-less #8 Stanford last night, 17-13. The SEC supporters will say that the Pac-12 is weak. I just say that we play offense.
—    With the loss, Stanford has tainted the Ducks bid for the BCS Championship Game finale for the second time in three weeks.
—    The Ravens beat the Browns 23-16 in the referees Ali-like return to the ring. The A.P. mentioned Gene Steratore in a favorable light for the first time. Ever.

Most awesomely pompous excerpt of the night — “And then, before the pregame coin flip, referee Gene Steratore greeted the players at midfield by saying, “Good evening, men, it’s good to be back.” — A.P., Browns-Ravens game story.

What we’ve learned: Perhaps, for the first time in the egregious recent history of labor disputes in professional athletics, what we saw with the referees was a good, ol’ fashion strike. The referees had a set of demands, which weren’t met; they then allowed the NFL to replace them with the cuddliest group of scabs in the history of scabs (the poor mope who placed the prodigal straw on Monday night was a banker at Bank of America), those scabs proceeded to make the real refs value to the game tangible, which ultimately allowed the refs to win their negotiations. Well played, Hochuli, well played.

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