Oregon nabs Robinson twins Tyree and Tyrell in basketball, football

Male Oregon fans have never been more excited about a pair of twins that didn’t involve blonde hair and big boobs.

Tyree and Tyrell Robinson, a pair of big athletes from San Diego, have signed on to play at Oregon in both basketball and football. The twins are four star recruits in both sports, and if YouTube clips can hold any baring on an athletes success, these guys will be multiple all-Americans in both sports.

The two of them and have been a coveted prize since their freshmen year in high school and apparently were so smitten by Eugene this past weekend during their visit, they picked it on the spot over Washington and USC.

On the football field, you can tell that Tyrell has amazing hands and will probably be a hybrid wideout. He should work perfectly inside of Chip’s system and with his decent size (6 ft-4in), can be valuable for a couple years on the offensive side.

Tyree has a little more girth on him and should play some sort of physical outside linebacker or strong safety at the next level.

The biggest upside they both show is their chemistry and unbelievable athleticism on the basketball court. The twins have an unbelievable feel for each other and can jump out of the gym. They should be a huge asset to head coach Dana Altman. If you don’t believe me, take a look;

I doubt they play both sports all three years, but whether it’s on the gridiron or the hard court, these two will be the best thing that happened to twins since Coors Light commercials in the early 2000s.

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