Carson York out too


A couple of weeks ago the sentiment around Eugene and the rest of the University were pretty simple about the football team: If we can stay healthy, we have a shot at the big one, the National Championship.

That big “if” turned into a earth-shattering “when” after safety John Boyett’s news of season-ending surgery was met with news that fellow senior, lineman Carson York, will also take a seat next to Boyett, after breaking his right knee cap last Saturday against Fresno State.

We covered how painful the Boyett injury was earlier, and as un-sexy as it it might be to talk about a lineman being lost for the season, the York loss is just as important.

This is York’s second injury to the same knee in the last nine months, and although doctors are saying its unrelated, it’s painful to know the guy has seen his last play on the Autzen field.

The real issue is the impact it’ll make on the team. He was the most experienced player on the offensive side and his loss will have some painful ancillary effects.

The biggest, most glaring issue that arises is the fact that we have a freshman quarterback behind center. Marcus Mariota is definitely going to press a little more knowing that his stud on the line is now a stud on the sideline. Mariota has been unbelievably impressive in his first two starts — now he might have to ramp up his already extraordinary play.

It’s also kind of a big deal that the guy’s a captain. I know a lot of people find the declaration of captain to be arbitrary and pointless after the coin toss commences, but I firmly disagree. When you’re on the field, you need leaders. You need people who you can look to and know he’ll get his job done. And the Ducks have lost two of those rarefied guys in the last two days.

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