Puddles for President, 2012


To everyone who was watching the little guy host the VMA’s last night instead of Obama’s speech at the DNC, I hate you. You should know that DVR serves an inimitable purpose in our lives, and viewing awards shows, sans commercials falls under that “inimitable” umbrella. Catching Obama speak served as the most educational gestation period America could have asked for, because, if nothing else, it wasn’t Teen Mom.

On a serious note, Obama killed* (and I swear, I’ll tie it back to Duck football). If you missed any of the hectic Thursday evening, however, I’ll break it down: Democrats and Republicans = Oil and water. Or baking soda and vinegar. Or chlorine and bromine. Either way. Obama gave a rousing speech, so did Biden (or as Bill Clinton and Julianne Moore like to call them, O’Biden).

Kevin Hart was offensive, slightly sophomoric and ultimately entertaining, but I digress. The real news of Sept. 6 is comes from the Duck:

We have a third candidate folks**, and one who understands the oft-trivialized fluffiness factor.


* The democrats managed to discuss facts, statistics and ideas, which is exactly three more things than the Republicans discussed.
** Or the fourth, but I feel that acknowledging Ron Paul only encourages him.

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