Craig Robinson pitches the Beaver at the DNC


It’s been a rough Wednesday when you can’t even watch CNN without reviling our black and orange rivals to the north.

Last night, just in case you missed it during the seven-hour political extravaganza, Oregon State’s head coach Craig Robinson addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention. And I know what you’re thinking: What the hell is the large African-American fellow from Hot Tub Time Machine doing at the DNC, and why is he coaching Oregon State? Well at least least that’s what I thought. But apparently he is Michelle Obama’s brother, meaning he’s the brother-in-law to the most powerful human being in America, meaning he gets to talk — and recruit — from the most-viewed political programming this side of a Presidential debate. Which is exactly what he did.

Now, I understand that it might be a cute thing to say. He had his platform, he made a joke and it was fun. I get it. Here’s my primary issue: He’s associated with Oregon State University’s athletic department. Never mind that he lost five of his last seven games last year before post season play. I don’t even care that he’s under .500 on his career at Oregon State. Competence is not the issue. He’s been close to competent at best at Oregon State, which is great news to an Oregon fan. The big issue is that he gets a paycheck from the Beav.

I know he was asking for seven footers at the alter of all Democrats, but he should settle for Gary Payton. Brent Barry even. But let’s hope for our sake he doesn’t.

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