Kenny Shelton reports from Fan Day


Bryan Bennett signs autographs at Fan Day.

On Saturday Aug 25, 2012, Ducks enthusiasts flocked to Fan day at Autzen stadium in droves.

The line to enter the stadium wrapped around the parking lot, the site of which almost brought a tear to my eye. Thousands of fans filled Autzen and waited in 100 yard-long lines — three people wide, four lines wide, endzone to endzone — to meet their favorite football players.

Not only were there autograph opportunities from our local Duck celebs, but our beautiful, talented and much sought-after cheer team even made an appearance.

In addition to the cheer teem performing, there were bouncy houses, inflatable lineman, and several gift giveaways to add to the festivities. One fan said the event was a bit of a “clusterduck” but loved it nonetheless.

It was really a beautiful site to see the smorgasbord of Oregon attire and duck fanatics gearing up for another electrifying year of football,  and don’t worry, I made sure not to wear any Oregon apparel to avoid confusion.

One thing is for certain though, Arkansas State is not ready for what we’re about to do to them opening day! Pac 12 Champs or bust! #skoducks

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